Vinod Khanna

1 May


Vinod Khanna was my favorite actor along with Shashi Kapoor and Amitabh Bachchan. I watched many of their movies and enjoyed it immensely. It was only entertainment for lower middle class upbringing.  Those movies were simple stories often resembling localized westerns. They were called multi starrers for some reason and those actors had distinct personalities. I think they were singularly responsible for keeping a large otherwise deprived audience happy with their movie parts and stories.  Vinod khanna’s passing away made me sad. One of my heroes is no more.

I watched many movies of Vinod Khanna. Nobody walked like him, few looked like him and had a most beautiful smile. He played villain and hero both with panache and style. He played rural and urban characterizations with ease and sensitivity. I do not know mechanics of acting and am sure people loved him in those portrayals. He had soulful eyes and a great personality. He could have been a hollywood hero like a Burt Reynolds or Clint Eastwood.

I read while in school that he had given up his acting career to take a spiritual detour with Osho Rajneesh. I read he became a gardener in Osho’s commune first in Pune and then in Oregon. He was a big star and to give up all that is ” bravery” or may be ” renunciation” thought then. I myself read Osho in my teenage years. I could understand ” why”.  He later came back and joined films and later politics and became a minister. Few people straddle one world with conviction, he did three – movies, spirituality and politics.  A very brave and beautiful man in my opinion.  If you read or saw his interviews, he always came across very human, very dignified and  aware.

I of course never met him given my station in life. I followed his life and movies with interest. I loved his dignity and sensitive portrayals on screen. Rarely you would a find a man’s man and a beautiful heart. These are my assessments.

Please read some tributes by great Indian artistes on Vinod Khanna

He said one of his favorite songs was from his movie ” Mere Apne” ” Koi hota jisko apna keh lete yaaron pas nahi to dur hota lekin koi mera apna…” ( I wish there was somebody who was mine, if not near far atleast, some one whom could call mine…) It’s one of my favorite songs too…

So look here is the thing, people who are seekers are not escapist, they are braver than most, innocent in their longing, total in their path…

Vinod Khanna is beautiful man who was total in all his path’s…movies, spirituality, politics.

I Loved Vinod khanna and learnt from his last speech ( refer youtube) to work with total awareness….

My generation’s heroes are gone : Leonard Cohen, Vinod Khanna….both influenced me with their work, life  and dignity.

I was compelled to return to blog. I will continue to share all that is important to this little self as and when.

Till then do remember Vinod Khanna  and as prime minister of India , Narendra Modi tweeted ” Will always remember Vinod Khanna as a popular actor, dedicated leader and a wonderful human. ”  and President of India, Pranab Mukherjee said on Twitter “Heartfelt condolences on the passing away of Vinod Khanna, a highly talented and acclaimed actor and Member of Parliament,”

We all have to go one day. What a life and what  a sad end….

Why do good people suffer?

vinod khanna

I will always remember Vinod Khanna and ” “Agar nazarein khoobsurat ho … toh har cheez khoobsurat lagti hai.”  ( If your eyes ( outlook) is beautiful and then everything looks beautiful)…..

Love, Suresh







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