Mental models

18 Mar

“You have spent your entire life learning to be unhappy.Let me repeat that: you have spent your entire life learning to be unhappy. And the way we learn to be unhappy is by buying into a particular mental model.

A mental model is a notion we have that this is the way the world works. All of us have mental models, we’ve got dozens of mental models. We’ve got mental models on how to find a job, how to get ahead at work, how to pick a restaurant to eat at, how to have a movie to go to … dozens of them. The problem isn’t that we have mental models. The problem is that we don’t know that we have mental models. We think this is the way the world works. And the more we invest in a mental model, the more it appears that this, in fact, is the way the world works. But it isn’t: it’s just a mental model, and the mental model we have that we buy into so strongly is that we have to get something so we can do something so we can be something. Like, we have to get a great deal of money so we can travel to exotic places so we can be happy. We have to be in a relationship so we can have great sex so we can be happy.

All of this is a variation of the if-then model. And the if-then model is: if this happens, then we will be happy.

-Srikumar Rao, Plug into your hard-wired happiness, TED


I came across this TED talk on happiness by a Business school professor Srikumar Rao who lays out some ideas for happiness – acceptance, to focus on process visa vis outcomes , happiness is our intrinsic nature..

I quite agree with mental models. We all of have a profile of how things are or should be.or must be. This need not be so. We feel comfortable in our world view, positions and formations. We are well invested in same. We are too attached to our ideas.

I like to think of  world as a heterogeneous system, where every one can find, create or assimilate knowledge, there are numerous paths to everything, the beautiful part is we are all different yet we can try for integration or inclusion..

Just like a family – where we all could have different orientation, view points, yet we give all  happy space , perhaps also integrate and live seamlessly. We can try this experiment.

I have a feeling my blog has run its time like all things should, may be should work on new things like fiction or pottery. I have a feeling. I am contemplating..

I would like my blogging to be remembered as one more point of view in this large heterogeneous universe. I am not calling quits yet, let’s see..

Pls check Prof Srikumar Rao’s TED talk may be you will like some ideas..

Have you ever had a bad outcome? This might throw a light on staying invested in process.

Have a easy weekend dear friends! My friend taught me this inspired from Lionel Ritchie song ” Easy”…

Love, Suresh


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