Eye clinic and thoughts…

1 Mar

Health is greatest gift, contentment greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship.

― Buddha

I had written this quote in my little pocket book. I have no means to verify if Siddhartha ( Gautama Buddha) actually said such a thing. I generally go by Goodreads.  I do think though health is the greatest gift. This has been the most direct lesson of life.

My exposure is limited to start ups, hospitals and failure. I can speak about them in some sort of authenticity. Failure is the most honest result one can get. There is no pretension while success may hide or conceal things. Start ups are a grey area – there are many good people with mediocre ideas, there are not so great people with super ideas, what prevails is not so easy guess. Hospitals are the laboratory  of life – birth to death. You can’t fake there. You are as transparent as can be.  I have learnt the best decisions are taken in hospitals, failure set’s you on a right path, start ups have more talent but like life character trumps talent.

I went with my mother to a eye clinic this time and am always anticipating the doctor’s report both with calm and anxiety. This time doctor has a generous diagnosis. Both me and my mother are relieved. She suggests as she always does that we should have lunch. I guess these days eat out mostly with my mother after a hospital visit. We pick clothes for my two year old niece. My mother says ” These big shops charge so much…”

A great Indian actor from my native state said once ” There is God above, then there is doctor on earth..” ( Mammootty). I wholeheartedly agree. This is my only regret should have been a doctor. This was in my hands. Rest is luck.

I sometimes feel have a karmic connection with doctors, have had few friends who are doctors and the best ones have the best diagnosis, may be it’s experience, may be it’s clarity, may be it’s their hardworking disciplined lives…

They are as human as we are but they are one of the best. I think most beautiful women are doctor’s assistants (trainee doctors) or a female doctor. Never mind may be my exposure is limited to hospital and clinics.

Tomorrow will need all the real or fake Buddha quotes as go back to work…

Apologies for being away dear friends from blogging , it’s the pressure cooker, daily commute and every day struggles..

But here is the thing, the most important thing:

“The future depends on what you do today.” (  Mahatma Gandhi )

Remember then and we need to focus on the present. I will try to be more regular.

Good night dear friends! Hope you stay healthy always

Love, Suresh



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