Quote 18 Feb

“Nothing gave her so much pleasure as to hear about the world above the sea. She made her old grandmother tell her all she knew of the ships and of the towns, the people and the animals. To her it seemed most wonderful and beautiful to hear that the flowers of the land had fragrance, while those below the sea had none; that the trees of the forest were green; and that the fishes among the trees could sing so sweetly that it was a pleasure to listen to them. Her grandmother called the birds fishes, or the little mermaid would not have understood what was meant, for she had never seen birds.”

— “The Little Mermaid”

I read a compilation of Hans Christian Andersen’s writings in a Buzzfeed article. I found it refreshing. I really need to ration time  to spend time reading or just plain imagination. Imagination used to be my favorite activity.  I think Moore’s law also exists in life and we have information overload and as a consequence skills enhancement. I am imperfect but want to squeeze time for imagination. I want to read Hans Christian Andersen fairy tales.  I first read ” The Little Mermaid” in school.

For more: https://www.buzzfeed.com/sarahgalo/go-on-little-nightingale?utm_term=.ui1NJ1p3Nk#.vs1EaY29Ev

Goodnight dear friends! Hope you have a easy weekend!

Love, Suresh


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