Superstitious learning and notes..

26 Jan

Apologies for being away and usual struggles to locate a self and life kept me away. I couldn’t find the reserves to post. Some thoughts:

– If you wish to have a career. You need to make it a focus. Time management is critical.

– The past needs resolution. It keeps surfacing with same demons, what Buddhist’s call ” Store consciousness.” But you got to live with yourself. It’s hard.

– I saw Mr. Trump’s ” me first” speech on television. More and am convinced success is no criteria to judge people.  Success is just a sum total of some attributes and a context.

– I read about Brenda Barnes who brought to light ” work – life debate when she quit as a Pepsi executive to focus on her children.I thought she was brave & life is not easy for working moms.

– I have a feeling Type A people when they take up spirituality. They end up Type A spiritualist.Does that make sense?

– It’s better to listen to  university teacher.You may learn few things by yourself and achieve bit more in the world of matter.

– The most important thing is learning.To objectively evaluate ” What did I do right or wrong today?”.

– To give up superstitious learning. Things which have no causal linkages. I learnt this from a talk by Prof. Jitendra singh, Wharton School.

– I am motivated by love. Will I succeed ? we will find out.

As for superstitious learning. Rita Gunther McGrath, a Professor at Columbia Business School writes “A better way to attribute success to the right causes is to lay out your “theory of the case” and then test it against reality, before outcomes are known. Then, if you can, test the theory under different situations — what the academics call boundary conditions — to see if it holds across those. When you have a practice that seems to produce replicable results, that is worth beginning to believe in.” ( HBR  July 19, 2011 – On the pitfalls of superstitious learning)

Today is Republic day in India. Happy Republic day to fellow country men. Have a easy day dear friends.


Love, Suresh



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