My friend’s pet

9 Jan


” I saw jesus on the cross on a hill called calvary
“do you hate mankind for what they done to you? ”
He said, “talk of love not hate, things to do – it’s getting late.
I’ve so little time and I’m only passing through.”

Passing through, passing through.
Sometimes happy, sometimes blue,
Glad that I ran into you.
Tell the people that you saw me passing through.”

― Leonard Cohen, Passing through

If the picture and dim lights remind of you a different movie, that’s not the intention, that’s me yesterday at a friends house with his dog. This is my only picture ever with a dog. Although lights are not good ( quite dark) am tempted to share. I never had a pet. My friends always had a dog. Two of them had a dog named ” Jimmy” and one ” Michelle”. I wonder though why  dog’s were named as  Jimmy, is it because of the disco idol danced ” Jimmy Jimmy aa ja aa ja , Tu aa ja mera pas ( Jimmy Jimmy come , you come to me…great lyrics haan) or may be it must be first sign of Indian independence. Never mind. They were good dogs.  Michelle  was the most beautiful dog, like a woman she was beautiful. I played ball with her in a park.  I walked with her on the street.

As the dog slowly crawled at my feet, realized why dogs are such loving animals, they have only affection to give…

This for today. Hope you have a happy week ahead! My uncle had showed me a stray dog picture on his mobile and told me ” Isko hum se bahut pyaar hain, roj milne aata hai ( He loves me a lot, comes to meet every day”

I suddenly felt peaceful. I think have a future. Hope you have a good day dear friends!

Love, Suresh


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