Happy New Year!

2 Jan

“There is nothing I would not do for those who are really my friends. I have no notion of loving people by halves, it is not my nature.” 

― Jane Austen, Northanger Abbey

A new year has begun. Like every beginnings there is something beautiful about new year, you shed old skin and look for a fresh beginning.  That itself is a blessing. Let’s live every day as a new year. We are judged by the old. What we have been and our little tiny deeds. But the possibility is always new and equal for all.  The feeling is wonderful and pristine. But the the fields we operate those possibilities is not so welcoming or lubricated towards newness. The establishment will never like a challenger. People do not secede space for new. That’s why we need to sustain this new feeling more and more deeper into the year. As the neighborhood girl replies to everything as ” Awesome”.  We need this awesomeness..

My sister told me ” If you want to understand life , you need to talk to a four year old or a eighty four year old..”  I have a feeling she is right as we played with a almost two year old ( my sister’s child) and a four year old ( my cousin sister’s child). I asked her touched ” Why the child cries so inconsolably..” . My sister said ” That’s the only expression a two year old has..” I realized don’t know many things because have not experienced so many things…

I told her ” I really have not invested in friendships.” I wish had invested in friendships.I thought couldn’t afford friendships. I focused on family.  Did I have friends? Yes I did…

I just opted out to focus on struggles and gutted with my experiences. I realized this pretty late and given my shy nature it becomes little difficult..

I went to schools, colleges & universities. I think studied for myself and knowledge. The rest did not interest me. I was foolish and needless to say paid consequences. 

I met many people there, fellow students, teachers, love and of course some tricky people…

I bite my lip.
I buy what I’m told:
From the latest hit,
To the wisdom of old.
But I’m always alone.
And my heart is like ice.
And it’s crowded and cold
In My Secret Life.

― Leonard Cohen, In my secret life

This year want to connect with friends. I have made good beginnings and happy to connect with my beloved childhood friends..

Those who wish to reconnect please do connect. I would love speak to you.

As the old man with a wine shop told me when young ” Please come to my shop. It’s open from morning till 11 pm” 🙂

A very happy new year to you dear friends!  Cheers to new beginnings and love…

Happy happy 2017!

Love, Suresh


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