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Superstitious learning and notes..

26 Jan

Apologies for being away and usual struggles to locate a self and life kept me away. I couldn’t find the reserves to post. Some thoughts:

– If you wish to have a career. You need to make it a focus. Time management is critical.

– The past needs resolution. It keeps surfacing with same demons, what Buddhist’s call ” Store consciousness.” But you got to live with yourself. It’s hard.

– I saw Mr. Trump’s ” me first” speech on television. More and am convinced success is no criteria to judge people.  Success is just a sum total of some attributes and a context.

– I read about Brenda Barnes who brought to light ” work – life debate when she quit as a Pepsi executive to focus on her children.I thought she was brave & life is not easy for working moms.

– I have a feeling Type A people when they take up spirituality. They end up Type A spiritualist.Does that make sense?

– It’s better to listen to  university teacher.You may learn few things by yourself and achieve bit more in the world of matter.

– The most important thing is learning.To objectively evaluate ” What did I do right or wrong today?”.

– To give up superstitious learning. Things which have no causal linkages. I learnt this from a talk by Prof. Jitendra singh, Wharton School.

– I am motivated by love. Will I succeed ? we will find out.

As for superstitious learning. Rita Gunther McGrath, a Professor at Columbia Business School writes “A better way to attribute success to the right causes is to lay out your “theory of the case” and then test it against reality, before outcomes are known. Then, if you can, test the theory under different situations — what the academics call boundary conditions — to see if it holds across those. When you have a practice that seems to produce replicable results, that is worth beginning to believe in.” ( HBR  July 19, 2011 – On the pitfalls of superstitious learning)

Today is Republic day in India. Happy Republic day to fellow country men. Have a easy day dear friends.


Love, Suresh



Zygmunt Bauman:Not all ships are seaworthy..

14 Jan

“One thing which even the most seasoned and discerning masters of the art of choice do not and cannot choose, is the society to be born into – and so we are all in travel, whether we like it or not. We have not been asked about our feelings anyway. Thrown into a vast open sea with no navigation charts and all the marker buoys sunk and barely visible, we have only two choices left: we may rejoice in the breath-taking vistas of new discoveries – or we may tremble out of fear of drowning. One option not really realistic is to claim sanctuary in a safe harbour; one could bet that what seems to be a tranquil haven today will be soon modernized, and a theme park, amusement promenade or crowded marina will replace the sedate boat sheds. The third option not thus being available, which of the two other options will be chosen or become the lot of the sailor depends in no small measure on the ship’s quality and the navigation skills of the sailors. Not all ships are seaworthy, however. And so the larger the expanse of free sailing, the more the sailor’s fate tends to be polarized and the deeper the chasm between the poles. A pleasurable adventure for the well-equipped yacht may prove a dangerous trap for a tattered dinghy. In the last account, the difference between the two is that between life and death.”

― Zygmunt Bauman, Globalization: The Human Consequences

The Polish sociologist- philosopher Zygmunt Bauman passed away recently. I had posted a fine Aljazeera interview with the great philosopher.

I have been thinking about life as a struggle. I came to a conclusion ” Haven’t got any thing, yet have lot of love for life.( Mila kuch bhi to nahin, phir bhi zindagi se pyaar hai)”. May be that’s why look younger. May be that’s my little definition of happiness. I remember one of my friends telling me when young ” Why do you walk like a robber ” I still struggle with social anxiety. I am good with conversations. The work is about discovering ” If the ships are seaworthy” and your little space ”  navigation skills of the sailors”.

Zygmunt Bauman said in Aljazeera interview “We’ve been brought up by marketing, by advertising … to think about happiness as an uninterrupted row of better and better pleasures.”. I agree with the great sociologist.

For a a tribue on Zygmunt Bauman: please read:

This for to day! Life is a struggle. Life is also a great love affair! That’s how view life..

Have a relaxing weekend dear friends!

Love, Suresh


My friend’s pet

9 Jan


” I saw jesus on the cross on a hill called calvary
“do you hate mankind for what they done to you? ”
He said, “talk of love not hate, things to do – it’s getting late.
I’ve so little time and I’m only passing through.”

Passing through, passing through.
Sometimes happy, sometimes blue,
Glad that I ran into you.
Tell the people that you saw me passing through.”

― Leonard Cohen, Passing through

If the picture and dim lights remind of you a different movie, that’s not the intention, that’s me yesterday at a friends house with his dog. This is my only picture ever with a dog. Although lights are not good ( quite dark) am tempted to share. I never had a pet. My friends always had a dog. Two of them had a dog named ” Jimmy” and one ” Michelle”. I wonder though why  dog’s were named as  Jimmy, is it because of the disco idol danced ” Jimmy Jimmy aa ja aa ja , Tu aa ja mera pas ( Jimmy Jimmy come , you come to me…great lyrics haan) or may be it must be first sign of Indian independence. Never mind. They were good dogs.  Michelle  was the most beautiful dog, like a woman she was beautiful. I played ball with her in a park.  I walked with her on the street.

As the dog slowly crawled at my feet, realized why dogs are such loving animals, they have only affection to give…

This for today. Hope you have a happy week ahead! My uncle had showed me a stray dog picture on his mobile and told me ” Isko hum se bahut pyaar hain, roj milne aata hai ( He loves me a lot, comes to meet every day”

I suddenly felt peaceful. I think have a future. Hope you have a good day dear friends!

Love, Suresh

George Michael and Lisa Stansfield – These Are the Days of Our Lives ( Queen)

8 Jan

I have been listening to George Michael songs and please see this beautiful tribute to Freddie Mercury – These Are the Days of Our Lives

“These Are The Days Of Our Lives” – Queen

Sometimes I get to feelin’
I was back in the old days – long ago
When we were kids, when we were young
Things seemed so perfect – you know?
The days were endless, we were crazy – we were young
The sun was always shinin’ – we just lived for fun
Sometimes it seems like lately – I just don’t know
The rest of my life’s been – just a show.
Those were the days of our lives
The bad things in life were so few
Those days are all gone now but one thing is true –
When I look and I find I still love you.
You can’t turn back the clock, you can’t turn back the tide
Ain’t that a shame?
I’d like to go back one time on a roller coaster ride
When life was just a game
No use sitting and thinkin’ on what you did
When you can lay back and enjoy it through your kids
Sometimes it seems like lately I just don’t know
Better sit back and go – with the flow
Cos these are the days of our lives
They’ve flown in the swiftness of time
These days are all gone now but some things remain
When I look and I find – no change
Those were the days of our lives yeah
The bad things in life were so few
Those days are all gone now but one thing’s still true
When I look and I find, I still love you,
I still love you.

Source :

I love this Lisa Stansfield & George Michael beautiful rendition, such beautiful artistes, such great singing..

Its a beautifully written Queen song ” Sometimes it seems like lately – I just don’t know
The rest of my life’s been – just a show..”

My only good experience is childhood where had no problems, no sadness, no failures, no shame…

I was just remembered by girls as ” Shy quiet boy” and boys  as” some one who was lean and played bit of cricket..”

As for my friends ” Those days are all gone now but one thing’s still true,When I look and I find, I still love you,I still love you…”

George Michael was first English singer listened to at sixteen..

He was such a beautiful singer. I really think a generation has ended…

This for today. I need to find my life – right now just a show..

Have a easy Sunday dear friends!

Love, Suresh

Defiant humility

7 Jan

“There is a stubbornness about me that never can bear to be frightened at the will of others. My courage always rises at every attempt to intimidate me.”

― Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice

I have a deep resolve to have a career and life. I am a private person and do not live in the comparison syndrome. I am mostly motivated by  negative comments. The courage inside want’s to come out and do better. In short want to do better than mofo..

Is it a good way to live? I do not think so and it’s not healthy. I hope find my space and healthy life.

I have a feeling my generation is over with George Michael and Leonard Cohen no more..

My generation was beautiful too and stood for  values-  grace , dignity, soft science, imagination, thoughtfulness..

There is always the brash and self congratulatory guy.. but mostly people were decent.

I think this is all going to be some app in future and every generation has it’s beauty and DNA. I hope there is some karma app.

It’s stupid for my generation to behave millennial, think is just a stage of life, we were millennial too..

I believe every parent and every home should give a ” good image” for their children to live up to…same with companies vis-a-vis employees a ” fine image” to live up to, am sure they will strive for good happily…

I read Indra Nooyi sharing a  Steve Jobs advise ”  “He said, if you really feel strongly about something —if you don’t like something people are doing — throw a temper tantrum. Throw things around, because people have got to know that you feel strongly about it.”

What can I say?

I would feel humiliated. I have had papers thrown at me, denied my basic job papers, shouted at in public, shouted at calls…

This very behavior has been basis for my stubbornness apart from doing good for family..

I do not endorse this at all..

Indra Nooyi:

I hope we don’t get caught up in this mad rat race and find our balance..

I always feel love and respect every one. But look upto only parents, teachers and carefully chosen role models people who vibe with our sensibilities..

I hope children shout back at yellers…

Be humble. Be defiant. Be defiantly humble. You will all make it.

This for today dear friends! Hope you have a easy weekend!

Love, Suresh

Happy New Year!

2 Jan

“There is nothing I would not do for those who are really my friends. I have no notion of loving people by halves, it is not my nature.” 

― Jane Austen, Northanger Abbey

A new year has begun. Like every beginnings there is something beautiful about new year, you shed old skin and look for a fresh beginning.  That itself is a blessing. Let’s live every day as a new year. We are judged by the old. What we have been and our little tiny deeds. But the possibility is always new and equal for all.  The feeling is wonderful and pristine. But the the fields we operate those possibilities is not so welcoming or lubricated towards newness. The establishment will never like a challenger. People do not secede space for new. That’s why we need to sustain this new feeling more and more deeper into the year. As the neighborhood girl replies to everything as ” Awesome”.  We need this awesomeness..

My sister told me ” If you want to understand life , you need to talk to a four year old or a eighty four year old..”  I have a feeling she is right as we played with a almost two year old ( my sister’s child) and a four year old ( my cousin sister’s child). I asked her touched ” Why the child cries so inconsolably..” . My sister said ” That’s the only expression a two year old has..” I realized don’t know many things because have not experienced so many things…

I told her ” I really have not invested in friendships.” I wish had invested in friendships.I thought couldn’t afford friendships. I focused on family.  Did I have friends? Yes I did…

I just opted out to focus on struggles and gutted with my experiences. I realized this pretty late and given my shy nature it becomes little difficult..

I went to schools, colleges & universities. I think studied for myself and knowledge. The rest did not interest me. I was foolish and needless to say paid consequences. 

I met many people there, fellow students, teachers, love and of course some tricky people…

I bite my lip.
I buy what I’m told:
From the latest hit,
To the wisdom of old.
But I’m always alone.
And my heart is like ice.
And it’s crowded and cold
In My Secret Life.

― Leonard Cohen, In my secret life

This year want to connect with friends. I have made good beginnings and happy to connect with my beloved childhood friends..

Those who wish to reconnect please do connect. I would love speak to you.

As the old man with a wine shop told me when young ” Please come to my shop. It’s open from morning till 11 pm” 🙂

A very happy new year to you dear friends!  Cheers to new beginnings and love…

Happy happy 2017!

Love, Suresh