Escape to kindness

21 Nov

“A heavy burden lifted from my soul,
I heard that love was out of my control.”

― Leonard Cohen, Stranger Music: Selected Poems and Songs

Sometimes escape from my routine. I take a train and a bus to another city. I prefer the simple life and communal feeling of a train or a bus. I am okay with discomfort as along as it’s real.  What did I see or notice..

– I saw a  young girl in a Burkha. She had a turquoise blue watch, college bag and removed face wrap for a while and took selfies. Just a very pretty every day girl. She was reading Cecelia Ahern ” P.S. I Love You.”.  Why the Burkha thought? may be it’s a choice , may be she has to straddle two worlds : inner world and one of tradition

– I go ask for a auto rickshaw ( common man’s car) and he say’s a obscene fare. I am surprised the city is known to be fair. I walk ahead and take another one. I ask a fellow woman passenger and she guides me to my destination. She tells me to get down at mid point and take a bus. I wave her good bye. I like simple goodness.

– I reach my destination early and look for a place for breakfast. It’s turns out to be a good South Indian restaurant. I ask them ” Can I pay by debit card “. He says ” Yes”. Every one is dealing with demonetization.

– I meet my friend and have a good conversation. I take the local train. I get boxed by multiple  Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield of all sizes for fifteen minutes. The rush hour local train. It’s been a long time.

– Finally meet a good man and take the evening train back. I will do anything for kindness. If you are kind. I’ll travel to meet you. My world is small. Few kind people and every day hustle and bustle of life.

– I see little kids fighting in train, read a article on demonetization in India Today” Why the government is big and  policy measures primarily needs to ensure there no bad consequences… as it’s reach is long rather than bravado…and more.” It was by an ex.chief economic advisor. It was good.

– I reach home by taking another local train. I strain my teeth by eating minor nonsense. I might look like a Dracula for a day tomorrow till get my tooth filling done.

Some pictures..


One more in train


I remember ” Our fortune may be built on very place of  our  misfortunes of the past…”

This for today. Have a good week dear friends!

Love, Suresh


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