Take this longing

19 Nov

I have come to terms with master’s passing away. I keep myself buried in work. I come home to see my mother and brother at night. Their innocent faces keep me rooted. Sometimes on a weekend visit my sister and we play with her child.  Some more thoughts..

– I have a day job. The temperament is different there and it’s almost do or die to get results. It’s tough and needs skills. My only armory is zen like focus, a dash of courage and hard work. Even the words that are used are ” We need you to take a stab at…”. Who is that Chinese military guy who wrote ” The Art of war”…never mind. The corporate job.

–  I started keeping a photograph of a memory that haunted me for a long time. I thought immediacy of a picture might help. I don’t know. I have read too much on consciousness. I have found a broken peace.

– The country has embarked on a demonetization drive. Suddenly there is a commonality. The whole country seems poor. Do the rich, politicians, BMW owners stand in a queue outside banks? Will the country benefit? God only knows or may be astrologers do..

–  America has a new president. What can i say? electorates is always right and not so right.The operating rule is electioneering is different from governance .So there might be some hope and some results. Good luck America. I love you. We had prime ministers too, you will be fine. You know, even a bird in China has a similar hairstyle…

– I miss start ups. Nobody asks you there which college you went to which is pretty much the theme song of all large companies. This love song plays till retirement. I keep thinking about my roots and my place..

– I must say some times am stunned by experiences. We are shaped by our experiences. I want to make life count.

– I need to rest and take care of body like all ageing sportsmen and sports women do. I need to recuperate and feel healthy .  There is a guy who has started walking ramp at 80 in China. He says ” I do what ever I feel like..”  Man what is that….

– I went to temple with my mother today. I like going with her. My life & work is only because of my mother’s prayers. I feel grateful.

– I must have the experiences which have never had, the longing continues…

” Just take this longing from my tongue ,all the lonely things my hands have done.
Let me see your beauty broken down ,like you would do for one you love..”

―  Leonard Cohen, Take this longing

I have always felt the master’s truth ”  to locate a self, a self that that is not fixed, a self that struggles for its own existence..”

As for longing it continues. ” like you would do for one you love..”

This for today. Stay happy and be well dear friends!

Have a good day!

Love, Suresh


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