My hero

11 Nov


I am sad today. I go to work every day. I smile at others as it is my nature. I feel empty. My friends are like soul friends. They instinctively know and reach out to me from places far. They know ” I loved Leonard Cohen.” I speak to them and feel better. Leonard Cohen  gave me a sense of belonging. A place to locate my self. A dignity to my struggle.

I  remember was very happy when a music shop owner seeing my liking for Leonard Cohen LP’s & albums told me and my friend that he had met Leonard Cohen in Bombay and had a cup of tea with the unassuming singer. Leonard Cohen was a visitor to a spiritual teacher Ramesh Balsekar in the nineties.

For the last fifteen years whenever felt a sense of weakness or acute helplessness. I listened to a Leonard Cohen song, read a article, interview, poem or a quote and felt better. It always gave me a grace and dignity to existence. That’s why loved Leonard Cohen.

I did many posts, posted songs, interviews and named my blog ” Never lament casually” as as my deep reverence and love for Leonard Cohen.

My blog got maximum hits on two occasions, the day Robin Williams passed away and today as the beloved master moves another realm.

I do no think there is a better poet – songwriter.

I do not think there is any one with truer insights.

I am Sad. I will continue my struggle in “strict confines of beauty and dignity.”

Thank you for helping me locate a voice. A self.

I love you immensely.

Sincerely, Suresh



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