Notes – 23 September 2016

23 Sep

– The most important quality is to be Kind. Good is good. Good is limited by good to what, good to whom or good to self.

– The most important need is an opportunity. How do you get a platform? You must do everything that you can to deserve one – education, training, performance and goodwill. If you miss one lever, you will have to be very patient. I would keep opportunity a five year horizon.

– The most important gift to have is health. Diet, exercise, sleep and goodwill for all is all essential.

– The most important thing may be time. I learnt every fifteen minutes is useful. If we are doing one thing, we are not doing another. Time is precious.

– The most important relationship is with oneself. If we are true to ourselves.We are true to life. We are true to all.

I have been away and wanting to do more posts. I would love to be more regular. I just need to juggle all of above.

Have a good dear friends! Peace and love.

Love, Suresh


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