Notes -13 Sept 2016

13 Sep

Some more thoughts..

– You don’t get results by doing what you like. You get results by doing what is right.

– In things also which you like, you should do it right.

–  Do what you love, but do it right.

– What is right? If it’s education – course content, if it’s job – demands of job, if it’s business – consumer & market demands, if it’s social work – the cause and beneficiaries  etc..

–  What are the things that help being right?  discipline, humility – intellectual and personal, perseverance, clarity, work ethic etc..

–  Forget about methods, only if you are a outlier, path breaker, adventurer and want to change the world. May be there also do it right.

These are some thoughts from my experience of life. It’s not final but this is how feel at this point of time.

Have a good day dear friends! Smile and never know it might change the world..

Love, Suresh

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