Notes- 12 Sept 2016

12 Sep

Some thoughts .

– Every one likes your best side.  We must like the whole package. We can’t cheery pick and choose.

– Love and respect should go together. I think love is the easy part. If we do not respect . Love does not work.

–  If am not doing all I can, can i complain? I must want things at all costs, only then the right things will happen. I still have work to do.

–  My friend has a rule of 8 hour indulgence.  I am reasonably hardworking and focused  ( people tell me that) is it enough? is it sustainable ?

– Is life destiny or choice?  In my first twenty five years. I had all the chances. I blew up. Next twenty years. I  had no chances. Am doing my best. So determination is a choice.

– Some day will have a house near office.

I wanted to do a post on the wonderful renaissance of Angelique Kerber and Stan the man, 2016 US open champions. I will do it soon.

Till then good night dear friends! Be well!

Love, Suresh



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