Katie Ledecky – PBS NewsHour

8 Sep

” I’m not ridiculously tall for swimmers. I don’t have very big hands. I don’t have very big feet, nothing really unusual.

I think it’s just been hard work that’s gotten me to where I am today. It wasn’t a lot of talent, really. It was more getting through the work and setting some big goals that has gotten me to this point. ”

” ( Do you enjoy working hard) I do. And it’s fun when you get to do it with some of your best friends. And that’s what I have loved. I have just loved setting big goals and trying to reach towards them.

So, a couple of years ago, my coach, Bruce Gemmell, and I sat down and set some goals. And at the time, they seemed pretty big, but I reached them all in Rio, and that’s the best feeling.”

” ( And the goals are about not beating someone else, but about times.) Right.

My goals for Rio were to go 3:56 or better in the 400 free, and I went 3:56, to go 8:05 or better in the 800 free, and I went 8:04. And then the third goal was to win the 200 free. And I did that. So, I matched all my goals. And at the time, three years ago, those seemed pretty far out there. ”

” ( Are you checking out what’s going on in the other lanes? ) I sometimes do.

And if I’m ahead, I can sometimes tell. It might mean I’m having a good swim, but pretty much, I’m just focused on how fast I’m going, how fast I’m feeling, and pretty much block everything out, the sounds, the sights, just kind of listen to the rhythm of the water, and just maintaining the same stroke, the same rhythm, the same tempo, and thinking about how I want to get my hand to the wall.”

” I think I have always loved the competitiveness of swimming. And I have just had that outlet from since I was 6 years old. But I think it’s something that’s developed over time, too. As I have gotten faster and I have come down to some of the shorter races, the sprint events, I have always just tried to have that mind-set of attacking each race and really treating each race, no matter how long it is, as a true race.”

” ( Do you feel pressure/anxiety)  No, I don’t.

I always just focus on what my own goals are, and not what anybody else’s goals for me are or their expectations. I just know that my family will always be supporting me and my friends and my coaches. And as long as I put in the hard work and know that I’m giving it my best effort, I will always be happy.”

” ( For six,seven ,eight year old girl who wants to be next Katie Ledecky , what advise you would give her)  Yes, I would encourage her to set some big goals, because I never dreamed I would go to the Olympics when I was 6, 7 or 8 years old.

I just started setting goals. And all of a sudden, when I was 14 years old, my next goal was to make the Olympics. And I never imagined it. And I never imagined I would come away with medals and be able to travel the world and swim.

And it’s been such a great experience. And I hope that young girls will have that dream and will have experiences. And it might not be in swimming. It might be in something else. But I found a passion, and I love it. It’s something I love and something I enjoy. It’s something I’m good at. And it’s what I have been able to give 100 percent to.”

Source: http://www.pbs.org/newshour/bb/pool-freestyle-phenom-katie-ledecky/

I am inspired by  Katie Ledecky. I had done a post earlier before Rio Olympics on the young  American swimmer.  This is a wonderful PBS Newshour interview by Margaret Warner with the young champion athlete. The interviewer  says something wonderful ” Something that struck me watching you swim, but also out of the pool, is just this joy you seem to radiate.” To which the young athlete  says” I have always loved swimming. I started swimming when I was 6 years old for a summer league swim team. And they made it really fun right from day one. And I never really looked back.I started swimming year-round, and did it with my family, with my friends, and just have gotten to meet so many great people through swimming.”  Isn’t it wonderful..

As  grow older realize that life is simple and we just need to make right choices, may be that’s not so easy. I wish would go back in time and reset life. I have now surrendered to hard work and joy.

I love the young swimmer’s outlook on  enjoying working hard and setting big goals. I think its very important and best thing to do.

I sometimes feel all a young person needs is a passion, coach and unconditional family support. It’s a team work. I think it holds true for any profession or activity. I have seen this with a young cousin who is good student, with support of college professors and unconditional love and support of family.

I wish could be young again. I have goals for 2016. I will assess at end of year.

I hope Katie Ledecky inspires every young person to ” To enjoy working hard, setting big goals and to have such a wonderful attitude”. She is going to be a very great athlete.

Iam inspired by Katie Ledecky and hope you like this really nice PBS Newshour interview.

Have a good day dear friends!

Love, Suresh


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