One day trip

3 Sep

“Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow.”

― Anita Desai

I haven’t been travelling and last few years has been operational jobs. I missed earlier life of  travelling and going for customer meetings. I loved meeting customers and working with them real time to build solutions. I got a one day trip after a long time. I was happy.

Some pictures from my trip  yesterday (2nd September 2016)


I did not sleep in excitement and took a morning flight and reached Delhi airport at 9.30 am. I asked a pilot ” my colleague is coming from another flight, can I hang out here?” He asked me ” What’s your final destination” . I said ” Delhi” . He told me ” why don’t you hang out in a coffee shop near the exit. It will be comfortable there” I thanked him and parked myself at the Costa coffee shop at T3 terminal. I had tea, books and time. I was waiting for my colleague who would arrive only after 2 and half hours. I saw some familiar faces but showed no real excitement.  I had  two books. I always carry books. I decided to read ” The Art of Power” – Thich Nhat Hanh. I  soaked in the atmosphere and loved observing people around in the airport.  I am quiet and can only read and observe.  For me people are  magical and try to always remember their faces and personalities. I realized they are so much more fitter and vibrant.  A beautiful lady  traveler in maroon robes came and took a chocolate cake from the counter meant for children in a adjacent table and happily gave it to them. I thought she must be a Osho sannyasin and easily one of the most attractive woman have seen recent time. The book was about giving up cravings. It was the right book.  I saw smart executives both men and women come and rush by the airport busily for their jobs and meetings. I read and decided to wait for my colleague who came by 12.30. He came talking on his phone and told me he had to join a conference call. I realized he is committed to work..


We go to our meeting place in DLF Cybercity Gurgaon. We are half an hour early. We had already spent two and half hours discussing  work in the airport. We decide to have one more coffee.  My colleague  Umesh is a hardworking and amiable person from one of the technology practices of the company.


The security guard takes one more picture. My colleague a ex bankers says” Show this picture to your boss.” I nod and perfectly understand . I know it’s for blog.

We had our meeting with customer. It went well and  drove back to the airport. We had to board from different terminals. We had different flights. We parted at Terminal 3. Mine was at terminal 1. I reached my city by 11 pm and home by 12pm. I had a happy day.

I was back in the game after a long time, relieved the  waiting period is finally over and a new innings has been started again..

It’s very difficult process to regain lost ground. The mind is not elastic. It needs careful and ardous restoring. I just felt grateful. I was tired but deeply soaked every moment.  I will  remember the inflight hostess with expansive gestures and she probably had the best expressions that have seen in recent times. She had a delightful way of throwing back with great big expressions. I  gave chocolates to the guy sitting next to me, he said he was done, so passed it on to the girl sitting next to him. I was in a happy mood. My motivation is always love and excellence. The  evening flight was like a bazaar. I tried to sleep. The flight attendant ” Mr. Nair would you want something” I said ” Naaa” She repeated ” you want water”. I say ” Yes”. I drink water and try thinking apart from my mother, no body ever asked me like that … never mind.

I learnt to book cab from Uber for first time and had never done it before. The boy from office had smiled at my ignorance” I forgot you were from a different generation..”

I saw Prime minister Modi’s interview on Television and he said ” Perhaps the reason for my progress is that give total attention to the moment, listen and observe.” He also spoke of going to libraries as a child. I had done both. I realized that’s all have done for learning – read books, deeply listen and observe.

My friend scolded me today that ” I don’t know to enjoy life and am all the time with family.” It’s true that mostly spend time at work or with family.

I read books and observe.

I was grateful for a day trip. I hope to get opportunities for travel and customer meetings. Those who have worked with me know ” Am not bad..”

This for today. My little life. It’s difficult  to become a flower from a bud. Try thinking ” How difficult it must be to become a bud..” Second time around.

Thankful and Goodnight friends! Hope you have a happy weekend!

Love, Suresh



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