Interview notes..

27 Aug

Fall seven times, stand up eight.”

Japanese proverb

We had interviews in office. People came in good numbers. My job was to screen and interview candidates in a auditorium. I had to turn  people away in large numbers. I stood on a podium with a little stand ( lectern) and called people one by one to speak to them and often turn them away. I stood for five  hours and spoke to nearly  two hundred people. I progressed some for more interviews with the recruiting panel and declined most of them. I tried to do it with dignity. I have experience in these matters.

I had a candidate who cried and she couldn’t control her tears as she persuaded me with all her  passion to give her an opportunity. I am true to  work. I had to decline her, took her outside the auditorium and gave her a glass of water. She saw my identity card and asked me ” Are you a south indian? my husband is a south indian” Her last bait perhaps. I finally gave her my email and number and promised to help for future requirements. She left with a paltry smile. I could see her pain and tried  my best to restore dignity. There is no personal rejection.

There was older candidate who showed up with a framed certificate issued by a district collector with picture of former prime minister. I had to decline him. He tried all he could, some times the means are suspect, he may have picked it up from his native town where the neighborhood bully wins, never mind, shook his hands. He left and later saw him walking away with his wife. I wondered why he had to work at his age and try so hard, may be he is a street fighter.

I tried to share my thoughts and give reasons for a decline. Many took advise and counsel, how they can break into the industry? Should  they do a course? a certification?

A pretty girl waited for a long time in auditorium and she moved from last row to front row to watch me speak, came  and told me she is tired of doing a Ph.d. She wanted to break into information technology industry. I told her ” my dream is to study” and she laughed and left in good spirits, hopefully with some ideas. Her companion had spoken to me too at length.

I try to share all that can and keep the dignity in a conversation. For me every person is important.

I lost my voice a bit because of non stop speaking and  air conditioning in the auditorium.

As had  lunch at five pm. I reflected on following…

I only drill the  suspect and dubious uncompromisingly..

Every other conversation is a polite conversation, even if it’s mostly a decline…

I was a job seeker once and often went for such interviews and many times was not even given an audience to speak. I remember my days. I never got a reference for a job interview. No body  bothered. I struggled for a long time. People who wanted me at all costs hired me …..

Here is the thing about job interviews then – It’s not personal rejection. It is just the needs of a job or role are different or the vision and parameters of a role are different. It has mostly nothing to do with your experience. One must never take it as a personal rejection. It should end as a useful conversation with some benefit to the candidate. They may not realize it then, but if it helps or hones or makes them try harder the purpose is served.

My advise would be ” Try harder, never give up and you will succeed.”  And also ” Don’t look upto self congratulatory people, you are good as you are and your success is important. What ever that may be.”

I like dignity and persistence.

This was my day today.

Good night dear friends! There is no rejection..

Have a good weekend! I missed biking ( cycling) today..

Love, Suresh



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