Why same?

26 Aug


My days are same

The nights have been same

Long long time

I have been same

Why things are same?

I live the same struggles

The hospital and medicines

I want family well

I want them in grace

I must pray with folded hands

I must pray with bended knee

I too need some help

Why things are same?

I sound pensive and absorbed

Such is the day and  the feeling

I always work hard and that’s my salvation

I am happy and that’s my nature

My nature too needs full expression

I need one chance..

I need one hell of a happy period.

Why must things be same?

My heart is in good shape

Save a thought or two

I have many blessings

I am very grateful

I have met every one love

I need some luck

Some peace

A spell of study

Some moments of insane passion

A candle

A long stem rose

I want things to change..

I have been away from blogging for a few days. I haven’t had the time. The work and struggles keep me busy. My  new boss had something nice to say and he has given two young colleagues a new assignment ” To get suresh married ” with great management insight ” Do the market segmentation? You need to find a different segment..:)

This for today! Good night dear friends!

Hope you have a good day! I work tomorrow also….

Love, Suresh





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