Mulla Nasruddin

12 Aug

” Mulla Nasruddin applied for a job. The manager looked at him & felt that he’s not even qualified to apply for it. He asked him, “Can you read and write?”
Mulla said, “I cannot read, but I can write.”
The manager was surprised; this is a rare situation ,said, “Then write!” He gave him a paper and Mulla went fast — one page, two pages, three pages.
The manager said, “Now stop!please read what you have written”
Mulla said, “That I have told you before — I can only write! I can’t read.” “

I am back to doing interviews at work. I started early and can safely say have good experience.  I myself was like Mulla once upon a time and now effort is to see the right Mulla get’s through:)

This for fun, have a good day dear friends!

Love, Suresh


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