From where I stand: Micaele Fernandes

10 Aug

” Gender inequality in my community is an everyday struggle. Women are still expected to be submissive to men in professional and social settings and are judged severely.

I had to present a project on women’s issues in my school. I decided to share my experience from the Olympic Villa of Mato Alto in Rio de Janeiro, where I attend the ‘One Win Leads to Another’ programme. I explained how it is empowering girls like me through sport. Playing sport teaches us confidence, how to develop leadership, honour our values and work as a team.

I see many girls who dream about being respected and making something big out of their lives, but sometimes they don’t know how to do it. The programme shows them a path. That’s what I like about it most and why I want to tell others about it.

I want all girls to believe in themselves, pursue their goals and not be deterred by what others think about them. Being a winner is fighting for what you believe in and never giving up. After all, trying to be better than you were yesterday already makes you a winner.”

 Micaele Fernandes, 16,  handball player from Rio de Janeiro.

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I read this message by a young handball player and felt compelled to share with you dear friends. I think world is harder on girls. I hope every girl gets an opportunity. They are generally better than boys – study more,  more dedicated, work harder, more responsible and of course they are the charm of family, spread joy…

The best messages are one from the heart. Micaele Fernandes is a participant in ‘One Win Leads to Another’, a programme to empower young women and girls through sport in Brazil by UN Women and the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

Hope you like the heartfelt message of the young girl. Have a good day dear friends!

Love, Suresh



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