Leonard Cohen – The Guests

6 Aug

I feel tired..

I had a long week, rains made my commute longer, the week longer, there was a recruitment drive in office, brought back memories of some of my earlier work..

I saw new people, some reminded of me when young, some are earnest, some have that burning desire, some with super poise, some make faces at you….it’s all stimulating.

I used to do so many interviews earlier, this time just spoke to people..

The girls are so much more educated now, almost all of them have two degrees , a base degree and masters..

I’ll go to sleep now. I remember a beautiful line from a Kennedy center tribute to Bruce Springsteen ” I am in the midst of a long conversation with my audience….” That’s what am trying to do to have a long conversation with you ..

Before I forget, There is something that read which stayed with  me from a New york times write up on Fed Governor Lael Brainard in ” She’s supersmart, well prepared, even-tempered. Anything she touches will be done to the highest standards.” That’s what young people should aspire for…

Good night dear friends, hope you like the song.

Have a good day!

Love, Suresh



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