Milas Raonic

26 Jul

” Milos Raonic is swiping through his phone. We’re in a booth at a Miami steak house, picking at shrimp-and-quinoa salads, talking about athletes and writing, when he finds Kobe Bryant’s retirement poem, a love letter to basketball. “You’re a writer,” he says to me. “I want to hear your literary take.” This is typical. Not so much the poetry part as the seeking-out opinions. Last year, while recovering from back spasms, the 25-year-old Canadian asked himself, “What is the stuff I like to do the least and can it help me?” One answer? Writing. Now every night Raonic, currently ranked seventh, jots down “ideas, emotions” in a leather notebook. He’s been reading books like The Art of Learning, by the chess prodigy Josh Waitzkin. Tennis is a game of slim margins, especially at the top. Every player is looking for that something to close the gap. Commentator Justin Gimelstob believes one of Raonic’s strengths is “he isn’t afraid to be great.” ”


What is the stuff I like to do the least and can it help me? Excel, visual power points..

What is the stuff I like to do most and can it help me? Reading, writing, walking..

I think it is a good question. These are my answers.

Actually things which  like doing the least perhaps hold the key for success.

I read this Vogue profile on Milos Raonic. Milos has had a super Wimbledon and will definitely win Grand slams. He has champions  John McEnroe and Carlos  Moya in his team. They are going to do what Lendl has done for Murray.  And as Patrick McEnroe says in the Vogue piece ” He’s going to maximize everything he’s got.For any athlete—or any person—that’s all you can ask ” Very true that’s all you can ask for…

Hope you like this Vogue aticle ” Milos Raonnic is on a quest to be the Best Tennis player in the world.”

I like sports for inspiration. There is something transparent about sports, effort you put in is more or less equal to results you get. I like that. There is nothing stage managed. I also like teachers. They have your best interest.

This for today. Hope you have a good day dear friends!

Love, Suresh




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