16 Jul

Harder than before:

Every day killings,

The brutality  gruesome than before,

What can we do?

We must focus harder than before,

We must be more vigilant than before,

Everything is dangerous than before,

Everything harder than before,

We must work harder to keep world safe..

My world:

Why do we lose faith?

Why did lose people whom loved?

I yearn for dear ones every day?

Am I not grown up?

I worry every time my phone rings


Remember me the one who loved you

Remember me the one whom you hit on

Remember me..

Remember me..



The work:

This is my salvation

This is tough love

Everything must be earned

Not just from god but also satan

I am patient

I am persistent

I am hard working

I will give it time ..

My hope, my salvation

These are my little thoughts as struggle to make sense of the world today, my own make up and this little terrific and very challenging slice of life…

I read it’s Katrina Kaif’s birthday today, so let’s wish her a very happy birthday 🙂

Hope you have a easy safe day dear friends!

Love, Suresh


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