My mother and moi..

12 Jul

” The end result of wisdom is….good deeds.”

― The Talmud

I wake up with a designed mood – drink a glass of water, mindful breathing, office mails and then go for a walk if still on time. Else some push ups and yoga. The orchestration doesn’t always go right. I am not married so spontaneity is not there in my life. I am just a good student of mornings. I do love going to work.  I look forward to work.

The last few months has been difficult mornings. My mother has been having health struggles. Me and my brother struggle too. My chief recourse is to be calm and conscious. I decide to go to Hospital. I have done posts on hospitals and will restrict this to my mother.

My mother gets ready on time and we go to multi specialty hospital which is an hours drive. We meet the consultant, take the tests, have lunch together. This is our ritual. We drank the best tea today and me called the cook and congratulated him. Some pictures.

amma 1

We stop at a roadside open restaurant. My mother likes eating out. I am the slacker. I do like going for lunch with my mother. I order non spicy food. Indian food is never fully non spicy!!

amma 2

It’s raining outside and we have our lunch. My mother is in a better mood outside. She is always nice and calm. May be need to take her out more often.

amma 3

I have a office call. Time for us to go home. Meeting doctor is also psychological and gives reassurance to one who is suffering. It is the biggest trust there is, good doctors implicitly know that and live by that. Hospital and nursing is about conscientiousness.

We spent the day in Hospital. We had lunch. We had very good tea.

This however is no guarantee that mood will be happy at home. We reach home and her friend calls and she goes ” Ever since started going to that hospital, am sick, think should change the hospital….bah….”

I put my head deep in hands and wonder ” I invested my whole day for nothing….”

That’s how life goes, a struggle 🙂

Let’s hope for less morning struggles. So can do my work and live my life.

Then my mother will start the bile ” This cook does not know how to make roti ( bread) and think need to get a new cook…”

I think will read ” The little prince ” tomorrow..

The Talmud says ” He who is without a wife dwells without blessing, life, joy, help, good and peace.” I think Talmud is right. I should lie prostrate to Talmud. I could do with love and support.

I only have mother. I try my best and want her to be healthy and happy. She takes good care of us even when she is not well. Am always conscious and  strive to be  be half as good as her…

Not just my mother, in fact even my friends mothers have been good to this is for all mothers…always hardworking, always giving..

Goodnight dear friends! Hope you have a good day!

Love, Suresh



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