The baby

25 Jun

She has a sparkling smile

Her laughter starts  with” Heee haww”

She can recognise a ” clock”

She has a ” butterfly”

She has a “book”

She has ” Lego ” box

She can comb your hair

she can walk faster than you

She is only year and three months

The only child in my family

My sister’s child Ruve

Our vacation day is when she visits

She makes us all happy

” Heee haawww” she goes…..

A baby makes a house happy my friend had told me, my sister makes us happy, now we have a baby. There is nothing like a baby and my mother is happy. My brother has found a soul.

This for today met a friend in morning  for a cup of Tea and spent whole day playing with the baby.  Happy day! Good weekend!

Goodnight dear friends! We sometimes seek  two much meaning and child is just an expression of unbounded joy, may be that’s what life is meant to be..

6am happy, 7am happy, 8am happy….

Hope you have a good day!

Love, Suresh




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