The hospital

23 Jun

I visit the hospital on a saturday with my mother to meet her consultants. This time had to schedule her tests on saturday and visited hospital on Tuesday. I have been going to hospital with my mother for almost 25 years. We have changed few hospital’s over the years. The latest is one close to my sister’s place. I guess that was the qualification. In a moment of weakness my mother says” I guess this doctor is also not good. I don’t like his medicines. I am thinking of going back to earlier hospital.” I keep quiet.

Over the years have realised two things are important  – look for a conscientious and responsible doctor and keep your curiosity alive. I never tell them what do for a living. Only once my brother’s doctor had asked me in Bangalore” What do you do? ” That was only in context of what can do for my brother. That was ten years ago. Nobody asked ever since  and me never tell . My mother though has told one consultant ” He does not get married. That’s my concern”. This time also a consultant asked me ” Is she anxious” . I had replied with head down ” She is worried about her children.” The consultant is very sweet, she always tells me ” Take care”. I smile and wave in return.

She also reminds me of a earlier lady consultant who though would avoid looking me  in the eye and show a thumbs up to my mother..

This time met four consultants in a day  – Diabetologist, A general physician , Cardiologist and skin specialist.  I am trying to describe trail of diagnosis in a day. My mother complains of lack of taste to her diabetologist, he suggests a examination with a general physician who suspiciously looks like a rat and quickly hands me a diagnosis. I ask him what is this. He tells me a latin phrase. I repeat. He says the same. I think ” Iam a rat o fibrosis.” Iam not convinced years of curiosity and hospital visits have honed my instincts. As talk to my mother . I see the rat ask the receptionist ” Kay ga tu dabba nahin aanli” ( You did not get your lunch). I  silently laugh at his diagnosis. May be I should cry at the consulting fees that paid him..

Luckliy tell my mother. We should meet the cardiologist. We have his appointment for July . We have done all tests. Let’s meet him. My mother agrees. The cardiologist is very good. Very conscientious and dedicated. I like him. I tell him the diabetologist refered to another doctor( rat) for a infection. The cardiologist shows a bit of anger and tells me you should show your mother to a skin specialist. This could be a offshoot of skin infection . Before going with earlier prescriptions. He insists. I understand the value of specialisation. I quickly agree. I meet the skin specialist .She is very sure it is a skin infection and gives my mother a mouth gel and paste. Also tells me ” You know  he ( possibly rat) tries to treat everything, outside his specialisation..”  I ask her, should i throw away earlier prescription, she says ” absolutely”. I leave relieved.

Moral of the story always choose a conscientious consultant. Every body who dresses well, has a degree and is intellectually detached is not a good doctor.

Also one more thing, if you feel some one is a rat, chances are he is a rat 🙂

Goodnight dear friends!

Hope you have a good day!

Love, Suresh


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