The young and precious..

11 Jun

“Youth is happy because it has the capacity to see beauty. Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old.”

―  Franz Kafka

The world of young is precious and beautiful. They want to learn, work hard, go for dreams  and change the world. I love young people. I never grew old. Before that..

When was young and working in a start up received an email of encouragement from two important CEOs from Information technology industry in my country, Harish Mehta and Ganesh Natarajan courtesy a great well wisher Rajiv Vaishnav. I had written a note to NASSCOM (Industry federation). They had sent me a note  in appreciation. I never forgot their kind gesture.  This was in 2001 and disclosing it for first time.

I received many such words of encouragement when young from teachers, professors, government servants, business men, venture capitalist’s,  even my father’s friend who encouraged and gave me study material for IIT entrance in school. The world encouraged me when young.  I was just too scattered and had a difficult personal situation. I decided to focus on my brother and sister after my father passed away in 2001. I am so happy my sister is doing good and my brother lucid. I am very thankful.

I learnt focus when started working. My senior colleague Sudhir singh gave me a structure and guidance. He continues to  guide and mentor. Anjali a  early senior colleague who had studied at IIM A told me ” You must study. I will help you with a fellowship in IIM.” I was grateful and had told her have no means. I had to focus on family. People were very kind to me when young. The entreprenuers who spotted me and gave me great work. I was so excited to work with customers. I learnt from great companies like RM and Amazon. I learnt from every one. I still had a challenging personal life. I had wonderful friends who were invested in my growth and learning. I am not mentioning names but they know who they are. Was it all rosy?

No, I met sharks. Industry sharks. ” Mean, Shrewd, Schmoozers with Motives.” who completely derailed  my promising career. My only advise ever to young people is do not trust people on seniority, degrees or anything. There are bad people around.

I can only say to young from a Cat steven song ” I hope you make a lot of nice friends out there  But just remember there’s a lot of bad and beware “. You must validate before trust.

My young colleague generously gave me  a book


I will read this book..

I have always been very responsible with young people and wish them very best.

This is for the best young girl have worked with Namrata.! I had posted pictures of three young boys earlier – Rahul, Rajat and Dripto. They all graduated from IIM.

The young is precious and we must do all we can to  see them succeed. They are not only future and they are always better than all the previous generations..

Have a good day dear friends!  Let’s invest and stay invested in young.

Love, Suresh







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