Some musings..

9 Jun

I like the simple life, going to work, working hard, a run, humour and happiness, a book and family..

It is simple people who are positively disruptive, Gandhi, Mandela..

When am overworking, don’t sleep and drink three four cups of tea, can’t run, do yoga which had learnt from Isha Foundation..

I read Maria Sharapova has been banned provisionally for two years. I feel mistake  was ” unintentional ” and she is a great champion. I remain a steadfast fan.

Prime minister Modi gave a great speech to US Congress, as he always does, concur it is political experience that makes you a  leader of substance.

The greatest sports person has passed away, Muhammad Ali, when was growing up, he was the real icon as a newspaper tag line said ” Elvis of sports” and a great great human being.I will do a post.

I want hard work to pay off. Otherwise whatever do will be lost in time. I know it pays off with right people and right company.

Let’s hope for the best and as my friend had told me lets hope for better days for all of us.

Have a good day dear friends!

Love, Suresh






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