Odissi dance : Surupa Sen & Bijayini Satpathy

3 Jun

” In a refreshing and “artistic” Walk The Talk, we are transported to the world of Nrityagram, on the outskirts of Bengaluru where we meet these wonderful dancers and learn about their art form. Surupa and Bijayini have been practicing and teaching students from around the world for years and they speak about Nrityagram, its founder Protima Gauri and each other. They both describe the various postures and what they mean and how one can communicate through body movements. Nrityagram is today’s ‘Modern Gurukul’ and it’s efforts are to redefine and expand Odissi.” This is the youtube brief.

I had seen this wonderful NDTV Walk the talk interview of Odissi dance teachers Surupa Sen and Bijayini Satpathy  with noted journalist Shekhar Gupta. It’s a wonderful video about one of India’s great dance forms. The teachers and students demonstrate the fluid structure of the form which the teachers describe as ” lyricism of infinite curve.” It’s a wonderful expression. I think have used the wonderful too many times, because it is truly wonderful. I think every Indian girl child of my generation and perhaps even today has had some initiation in classical dance forms. It gives so much grace, beauty and poise.  The sculptures also carry many of the dance forms.

For more on teachers and school:

Surupa sen : http://www.nrityagram.org/artists/surupa/surupa.htm

Bijayini Satpathy: http://www.nrityagram.org/artists/bijayini/bijayini.htm

I hope you like this interview. The best thing about India is not Cricket or Bollywood. It is art, culture, spirituality, people  and democracy.

Have a good day dear friends!

Love, Suresh


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