Atlas Mara : Positive Disruption

1 Jun

I saw CNN Market place Africa and came to know about Atlas Mara. Atlas Mara operates in Banking in seven African countries. Its founders tell CNN’s Eleni Giokos they want to make it the “best financial institution” in sub-Saharan Africa. For more please see video track:

I was very thrilled to know about the founders  Bob Diamond and Ashish Thakkar’s vision of  “positively disrupting” lending in Sub Saharan Africa.  I loved the vision and ambition of the Founders.

I started my career in entrepreneurship . I have done my best assignments with entrepreneurs. It’s only last two companies that am doing with corporates. Honestly love the entreprenuerial space and vision. That is my DNA.

My career goal is to do ” Positive disruption.” My personal goal is to be a loving person. I hope will get opportunities. I will wait for my time again..

I was  inspired to know about Atlas Mara plans in Sub saharan Africa. In short span of time they have built up scale and leverage. I wish the founders very best.

For more on Atlas Mara :

Have a good day dear friends!

Love, Suresh

Please note : This is a personal blog. My thoughts are only in appreciation of what feel, read and inspires me. Thank you!



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