31 May

“All sorrows are less with bread. ”

― Miguel de Cervantes

My mother tells me ” Why do you buy so much bread? ” I don’t know. I keep getting bread whenever am out : Fruit bread, milk bread, garlic bread, multi grain bread. May be it’s because am not much of a foodie. I like simple bread. I remember when was a student and living in mumbai. I could afford only one loaf of garlic bread. It cost Rs 11 then and would make me happy. It costs Rs 40 now ( less than a $). I do check bakeries for fresh bread. May be should have been a baker.  My mother though get’s upset ” Atleast buy brown bread”.


Image :

My knowledge of food is so limited. One of my bosses had asked me ” What will you eat if you go outside..”. I suspect though he  had seen me eating bread sticks.  I will eat bread 🙂

I once attended a christian retreat. They would offer bread three times a day with a dish or a curry. I think the loaf of bread can heal. ” Give us this day our daily bread. ”

I think Cervantes is right ” All sorrows are less with bread.”

I think should stick to boring brown bread ..

Have a good day dear friends ! Eat bread and be happy 🙂

Love, Suresh




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