My little life..

30 May

I wake up first every morning. I wait for my mother to wake up. If she get’s up fine. It’s a good day for me. Then I hear the crackling sounds of hen on my brother’s mobile. I don’t know why he has kept that alarm tone. He is innocent. So we have chicken sounds in mornings. I prod him to get up. If both of them get up. I make them go out. My mother for a walk, my brother a bike ride. This happens when both are in grace.

My mother is a Diabetic and last week was difficult as she woke up with low blood sugar. I realised low blood sugar is more harmful than high blood sugar. We constantly monitor blood sugar scale and the permutation and combination of meds and insulin. If she is unwell. She seems to give up. I worry and wonder ” How will go for work”. I like going for work. I am grateful for work. I just need a regular turf so can do my best and live my life.

My biggest job is to take care of my mother and brother. I pray that they are in grace.

I realised the married keep getting married…

The  mediocre live good lives..

There is  institutionalized megalomania..

I have never been one for impressions. I just want to do my work and live my life. I need a social media detox. I need to take a break.  I will share my thoughts here.

I read a article this morning: ” What do you do when You’re overthinking Your Own Happiness.” To quote the writer Jennifer Mattern

” Too Good, we are living in an era of overthinkers. I’m guilty of it, you’re guilty of it, and I bet that guy you’re so smitten with is also guilty of it. In this age of too much information (and the bristling, cynical commentary that usually accompanies it) most of us have lost the knack of something we were all born with: radical trust in the universe and the people all around us.”

For more:

I need to declutter. I need my family healthy and in grace. I need to do my work. I want to run and read a book.  I must have good relationships. I love people.

I hope so. I just hope my family wakes up well. So can live my day and life.

Have a happy day dear friends! 6am-7am happy, 7am – 8 am happy, 8am – 9 am happy….:)

Have a good day!

Love, Suresh


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