Tim Cook― optimism

23 May

” Iam a very optimistic guy. So I always think there is a solution for everything. It’s just a matter of whether you are trying hard enough or thinking about it deeply enough. So that’s the kind of spirit that i brought into it.( Apple) “

― Tim Cook

Apple CEO had this to say in a NDTV Interview in his maiden visit to India. He was asked whether he was ” daunted on taking charge from Steve Jobs.” He said ” Daunted? That’s not how my mind operates and Steve Jobs always encouraged him to be his own person.” It’s a nice interview and will post it. I loved the optimistic outlook. Truly there is always a solution for everything – its just a matter of trying hard enough or thinking deeply enough. I feel best of us have a skeletal sketch of what we want to accomplish, as we try hard enough and think deep enough, we find our vision and structure. Right dear friends.

One more thing ” Never blame any one and never think bad of others.” I think we feel good when we think good about others.

Have a good day dear freinds!

Love, Suresh



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