My mother..

22 May

I woke up with a scare

No matter what do

No matter what seek

There is no respite

I called my sister

A poised child of decision


We spent some uncomfortable moments

I send a message to medical practioner

May be it was the night medicine

a disproportionate dosage perhaps

What does allopathy offer?

Like capitalism its best in business

The communists have won in my native

I will never understand why?

What do they offer alternative medicine?

Prayer to russian god, a  red hammer and sickle

I am not in sync with times..

My sister heals.and helps..


I have a real opportunity at work

My only salvation

I look for an hour to read

I look for an hour to bike or walk

My two escapes to freedom

I hope my work takes off

Newyork and Fintech


I need some grace

I need some respite

There must be some healing

“My mother need to be well”

” My mother needs to be healthy”

I meet medical practioner again…


This for today. Have a easy sunday dear friends!

Love, Suresh








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