The Child

19 May

I ask him what happened,

He says ” I fell down from bike”

I probe him no more

The next day curiosity get’s me,

” How can he fall he is much taller.”

I gently prod him again

He finally relents with a gleam in eyes

” I tried a new trick ”

He makes a gesture ” The Wheelie”

I say nothing and let it be.

He takes medicines,

He is grown up

He is my brother,

” The child ”

My brother is a child. I wonder often the unusual journey we have taken together. He did everything that told. Sometimes it was difficult. I am most grateful to every one who takes interest in my brother.  If you like my brother. I will love you forever.

This for the child. I am also grateful to my cousin brother Santosh and my uncle for  their incredible support. It would have been difficult otherwise.

This for today. Have a good day dear friends!

Love, Suresh




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