17 May

” I like purposeful education. I have to have a purpose.”

― Vinod Khosla

I have a cousin who is studying for a Ph.d in polymers..

I have a friend who studied to be a cardiologist..

There are serial entrepreneurs, career bankers, archaeologists, journalists, soldiers….

They are all unitary in their pursuit.

May be that is the law of excellence. The pursuit of one.

My friend told me when about twenty two ” You must focus on one thing. Give all your heart to one thing.”

Ever wonder why do serial entreprenuers succeed given all things equal, they are single minded in their pursuit…

Same with  lawyers, engineers, teachers, architects, scientists, sports person, writers….

My friend was right ” to give all to one.”   The power is of one.

I was interested in too many things when young and couldn’t do justice to myself..

I realised if only had pursued one.. atleast one at a time..

We may have many interests or hobbies and can even truly be a renaissance person…

Yet life has reinforced the belief in power of one..

I think there is great power in one.

This for today dear friends! Think about this dear friends, even conglomerates who hedge their bets in many fields  are perhaps more  known for one or atleast more for one than others..

Goodnight dear friends!

Love, Suresh






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