14 May


I often visit a Gurdwara ( Sikh temple) and would read the daily teachings…


” When my tongue sings the praise of the lord, the ocean of virtues,

Peace, poise and delight well up in my mind and all the sorrows flee away.”

With deep sorrow this is dedicated to my friend. His mother left for heavenly abode. May the one above give strength and fortitude to children and family in this moment of deep grief. I pray with folded hands for beloved departed mother. She was very good to me and treated me like a son. I am numbed.  This is for you Sameer. Take care.

I have always tried to respond to pain with innocence and courage. Hope you do so brother.

I will remember you Aunty  and you only wanted me to ” eat food when visit”, ” be content in my jobs” and ” and get married”…

I am sorry couldn’t come when you called, forever in regret….

I’ll pray in shiv temple and bow my head in Gurdwara..

It was difficult to write this post,this is only way to cope ..

Sad, Suresh





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