The young managers..

11 May


Three young people – Dripto, Rajat and Rahul. Actually there is four.  They interned with us and have joined the company. What can I say?

I love spending time with young people. There is something special about them. The way they talk, don’t talk, their dreams, interests, confidence, subtle competitiveness, anxieties, reasoning…everything. They are full of life and can disappear anytime to another city just to meet a friend.  Just like we all did when we were young.

They have just graduated from Indian Institute of Management. Dripto, Rajat, Namrata ( who is not in pic ) from IIM Calcutta and Rahul from IIM Ahmedabad. Needless to say they are the best  and in top percentile of country …

I always feel the young have a Google vibe, Amazon vibe, companies must utilise and nurture their curiosity. The young are best start ups you can have..

I will miss them. I get attached to people. My learning is detached love. They also have helped me with their presence. To forget my problems.

I am not one for advise, just this one ” “Remember, don’t fuck it up!” 🙂

Please see:

Bubye Dripto, Rajat and Rahul. We should surely stay in touch.

Have a good day dear friends!

Love, Suresh



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