Mike Powell : Long distance mindset

10 May

” I have always admired all the athletes in the world. Running long distance is particularly tough, whether it is the 5kms race or a 10,000 m on the track or the marathon. What I admire about long distance athletes is their mindset. I need to stay focused for 7 to 10 seconds while doing my jumps. But the long distance athletes, they need to concentrate for the duration of the race, whether it is 12 to 15 minutes for the 5kms or 28 to 30 minutes for the 10 kms, or for over two hours while running the marathon.

Great athletes are tested by the times that are tough. You don’t worry over it, you almost always welcome such situations. That’s why I always advise people to believe in themselves. There are people who keep telling you that you cannot do it.

Iam told a great number of Indian athletes have qualified for the Rio Olympics. I would like to congratulate each one of them and want to tell them that at Olympics, evry body is the same whether you are from the USA, Australia, India or Iceland.

Your push towards a medal depends on how much you want something and how much you are going to work for that. ”

― Mike Powell, I admire long distance runner’s  mindset, Times of India,  May 9,2016

I look upto literature and sports for inspiration. There is something very transparent about sports. You cannot win unless you put the effort. You cannot win unless you are better than best. I feel we all cannot be super intelligent like the Tech geniuses like Google founders or Steve Jobs or Silicon valley greats. Those are unrealistic goals. I am not ruling out any possibility. But we can learn from sports to have a positive, hardworking mindset and winning from adverse situations. Those are much more relatable to human condition and life. May be life is a bit like long distance running, we need to keep going and make the effort every day.  I think literature, sports and good movies are inspiration.

Like the world record holder Long jump champion Mike Powell says ” You need to believe in yourself. Your push towards towards medal ( success) depends on how much you want something and how much you are going to work for that.”

Have a good day dear friends!  Believe and effort.

Love, Suresh


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