Inspired Living : Jaya Row

9 May

“The modern generation, with all its gizmos and hi-tech entertainment, still finds life boring and depressing. The robotic patterns of waking up every morning, rushing to work and going through the motions of your job can be mind-numbing. What is sorely lacking in life is ‘INSPIRATION’. To be inspired you must expand your mind. Think beyond yourself. Have a vision beyond your individual needs and aspirations and encompass the well-being of the world. This vision must translate into a goal that is pursued with relentless focus, deep devotion and sincere, hard work. Then you will be so fulfilled at work that you will no longer need a weekend. The annual vacation will become redundant as your vocation becomes a source of joy and excitement.

Is inspiration a choice we have or is it imperative to life? Let us see what happens when you are un-inspired. When you do not have a higher ideal, your thoughts gravitate to just your well-being. You become obsessed with yourself and fail to see anything beyond the next meal, the next fun thing to do, and the next movie to watch! Every other person becomes a competitor. You get insecure. You imagine everyone else is out to get you! All your energies get wasted trying to protect yourself from imaginary enemies. Cut off from reality you sink into an abyss of self-pity, self-obsession and, finally, self-destruction. Thought of self is the most corrosive, debilitating, and destructive force in the world. It is this selfishness that pervades the whole world.

On the other hand, the moment you think beyond yourself you feel energised, enthusiastic, exhilarated.”

― Jaya Row, Inspired Living

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Jaya Row is a Vedanta teacher from India. I had seen her on television and was impressed with her clarity. Clarity is the sign of  intellect. Vedanta like buddhism involves rational thought and discrimination till it moves into realm of faith.

I read this article atleast on alternate days and remind myself not to get caught up in “illusions of self” and to ” Think beyond self”. I really want to work for a higher ideal and vision.  Many years ago, around eighteen years, decided to put ” Family as a unit ” above ” self”. I am still doing that. I also put ” company” above ” self” where ever worked. I never took lucrative options. I felt peaceful and happy. I decided my values that go along with my personality. Now after ” Family” and ” Company”. I wish to extend ” Community” and ” Whole world.”.

Even the young are committed to a vision beyond ” I, me, myself”.  I can vouch for that. It could be anything : environment, health care, child welfare, human trafficking, animal care, start ups, sustainable development, education, policy formulation…..anything which inspires you and may fall in your expertise.

My friend told me ” people who live a simple life must also be exposed to a hedonistic life and vice versa.”  Think about this.

I really want to extend and do my best for ” family”, ” Company”, ” Community” and ” Whole world”…

Listen the vision must always be audacious and all encompassing..

I am trying to stich together a vision and direct my energies to work..

Have a good day dear friends! May you live inspired lives.

Love, Suresh



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