Perfection – Abhinav Bindra

7 May

“Eight years ago in Beijing, I scored 10 beautiful, faultless shots. Never before or after have I experienced a moment that  was so perfect. And while I hope to attain that level again, I wish I could remember more about that particular perfect moment. Unfortunately I was so immersed in every second. every shot, and so focused on the details, that the big picture remains a blur.

In our family, my mother is the perfectionist, and I feel I inherited that trait from her, but the objective should be to strike a balance. We have to realise that perfection is inherently agnaist the laws of nature – nature does not intend humans to be perfect, so while the battle to attain perfection is a continous one, we have to accept that there will be highs and lows.

I have come to the conclusion that perfection is an untameable beast, and while a perfectionist is a good thing, if you get too drawn into it, there are certain negatives too.

In general a perfectionist finds victory harder to handle than defeat. In the event of a defeat, you simply push yourself to work harder. With a Win, however I never get a really positive feedback beyond the initial five minuets or so, because then I start to break down my performance, thinking I could have done something better, which would have made the performance great instead of good and, of course I ruin the moment!

The reality is that to win, you need to be perfect. The other reality is that as humans, we can’t be perfect every day. There is no set formula for perfection. The secret is to be perfect on an imperfect day. That happens by working hard on every shot, staying in the moment, and accepting adversity. I’ve always hunted for perfection to the point of obsession, but that’s the ony way I know and I’ve accepted it. ”

― Abhinav Bindra, Perfection seems to be an untameable beast, Times of India, May 7,2016

Abhinav Bindra is an Indian shooter and a world ( 2006 Zagreb) and olympic champion ( 2008 Beijing) in 10 m air rifle event.He is also the first Indian to win an individual gold medal in olympics. His coach Gabriele Buhlmann has been quoted saying in a news paper report ” Abhinav Bindra is a master of suffering. He was mentally prepared to suffer (had he not won it). Others may have made it through patience and motivation but Abhinav made it through suffering.”

I had seen the moment on television. His only reaction to victory was a clenched fist and his coach hugged him. I liked his intensity. He could never let go even in celebration. I told told my friend  ” Did you see, no reaction from him, just a smile, hug and clenched fist.” It must be perfection.

I am imperfect. I was wondering for last many days ” When was the last time was really happy for an accomplishment? “. May be when was fifteen and  my father was really happy and proud of me. He always liked me though.  Ever since have mostly grinded and gritted with and without reason.I realised though did give best to everything that presented to me. As a student when studying for a exam shared all that knew with freinds. In love gave all my heart. In work strived an perilous original path. In family all could. The young people mentored. I can be content. But accomplishment ?

Iam imperfect but with integrity. I would love to have an accomplishment.I had a weak moment today. My mother asked me ” Why don’t you get married “. I felt helpless. My mother is unwell. I realised  – I can grind in life, work, family but not in love..

We must have one area of life that is of our choice…

Abhinav Bindra has the answer to perfection ” I was so immersed in every second. every shot, and so focused on the details” And ” The secret is to be perfect on an imperfect day. That happens by working hard on every shot, staying in the moment, and accepting adversity.” That must be definition of a true accomplishment.

I read this article in newspaper and liked it much and wanted to share for you dear friends!

Have a good day!

Love and imperfectly yours, Suresh


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