Quote 6 May


“Don‘t look for God,” the Master said. “Just look —and all will be revealed.”

“But how is one to look?”

“Each time you look at anything, see only what is there and nothing else.”

The disciples were bewildered, so the Master made it simpler: “For instance: When you look at the moon, see the moon and nothing else.”

“What else could one see except the moon when one looks at the moon?”

“A hungry person could see a ball of cheese. A lover, the face of his beloved.”

― Anthony De Mello,  One minute Wisdom

I heard Microsoft CEO saying in a video ” Do they create clarity and Do they bring energy” on what he looks in new hires. Those are great qualities. The young have energy. We all need clarity. What is clarity. We wrap ourselves in information.  As the master says ” We see what we are. We need to look at anything and see only what is there.”  Right dear friends!

Hope you have a good day!

Love, Suresh


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