Facts and Confessions -2

30 Apr

My only regret is not doing justice to education.

I put more focus on brothers life than mine.

First time went by air plane was in 2002. Air India flight from Trivandrum to Mumbai. Airhostess told me if could exchange seats with a fellow passenger. I was thirty years old.

Iam reading Jack Kerouac and  Shunryu Suzuki simultaneously now.

I failed much in  twenties. I learnt to hate failure. That is basis of grit.

The only thing enjoyed in twenties was bus and train travel with my friend.

A young boy came up to me in a club saying ” I want to become like you, every one makes so much noise, you are quiet and calm”. The place Taj—Connemara, Chennai.

When my father was in hospital. I would take the bus often and walk home. A woman came up to me  and asked ” Hello, where do you stay, you have good eyes.”  I was scared.

I thought Bruce Springsteen and Osho had all the answers in the world.  I still think so.

Prakash Padukone and Vijay Amritraj are best Indian sports persons.

I feel every one must study and get a Ph.d. Just for themselves. Make it a fundamental right.

I feel every one must do one painting.

I feel every one should make one film. ( short film or a documentary)

I feel evey one must play one sport. ( Except office politics)

The truth is when no one embraces you. Religion does. Sprituality does. That’s the reason for truck load of believers. Every god man has a constituency.

Science is the best intent and work of man. We all must be scientiffic in temper.

Good intentions dont work. Good efforts do.

The luckiest man or woman is the one who has children. They are always young.

Great Book is such a pleasure and reinvigorates you.

Hustle and dont give up. Don’t listen to experts. Nobody knows anything for certain.

The only exception to  expert opinion rule is medical doctors and teachers.

Those who judge must try standing upside down.

I feel we must love every one. We must hug every one. What’s the harm..

Lastly Think Life is a blessing. It will work like a blessing.

This for today. Have a good weekend dear friends!

Love, Suresh










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