Ellen and Padma Lakshmi : Yoghurt Rice

28 Apr

Iam posting this for Yoghurt rice. Before that ten or eleven years ago went for business lunch with a graceful lady and a Indian gentleman.  Seeing the sea food and variety of food ordered by my then counter part. I confessed to the wonderful woman ” I can’t eat this with forks. I’ll eat with my hands”. She showed me her hands ( meaning she is using her hands too). The Indian gentleman told me endearingly ” You should eat curd rice ( Yoghurt rice)”. He read my mind.  I ordered curdrice. I always remember their generosity and kindness.

Being born  south Indian. This is my favorite food. Simple no frills food. I used to eat this and go to school. My mother still gives me this as breakfast. I worry now about pounds though. I still like Yoghurt rice.

Now for Padma Lakshmi and she speaks beautifully and see the way she speaks ” These are black mustard seeds you gonna hear them pop and crackle when they get hot sort of like microwave popcorns ..”

I had read a review of her new book ” Love, Loss and What We Ate “. I’ll skip the men. I liked from the review piece what Vedica  Kant wrote ” the book is packed with food memories, every important event in her life connected back to some favourite comfort dish. The disclosure that the glamorous Lakshmi reaches for thayir sadam (curd rice) and khichdi as her soul food is nothing if not endearing. As a lover of tangy, sweet and sour things this reviewer has to disclose that Lakshmi won her heart when she declares the taste she looks for to make her universe go round is “chatpati” , the combination of salty, sweet, tart and spice that makes you click you tongue against the roof of your mouth in sated satisfaction. ” For more : http://scroll.in/article/806687/padma-lakshmis-memoir-is-about-the-end-of-mrs-rushdie-4-and-a-restart-of-life

I also liked from the  review ” I couldn’t help but admire that hustle, the need and desire Lakshmi makes clear she had to make a name for herself. ” I like that. I second that. The hustle is important.

For that and Curd Rice and memories and  Padma Lakshmi. Try mixing youghurt with rice like Elllen does 🙂

I like Yoghurt rice. I never ate with pomegranate seeds though. I must try this.

Goodnight dear friends! I needed to get  back to blogging to find my little voice.

Have a good day!

Love, Suresh




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