Life is a miracle

23 Apr

We lead extremely busy lives. Even though we do not have to do as much manual labor as people in former times. we never seem to have enough time for ourselves.  I know people who say they do not even have enough time to eat or breathe, and it appears to me to be true! What can we do about this ? Can we take hold of time with both hands and slow it down?

First, let us light the torch of our awareness and learn again how to drink tea, eat, wash dishes, walk, sit, drive and work in awareness. We do not have to be swept along by circumstances. We are not just a leaf or a log in a rushing river.With awareness, each of our daily acts takes on a new meaning, and we discover that we are more than machines, that our activities are not just mindless repetitions. We find that life is a miracle, the universe is a miracle, and we too are a miracle.

―  Thich Nhat Hanh , The Sun My Heart

I read this morning. I start the day in mindful practices. Today spent the day in hospital . I tried to be one with drive, consultations, tests that goes in Hospital. It’s not easy always to be in awareness. It can make you one dimensional.

I want to say a rider. My yearning for peace stems from adolescence and it became my greatest need for a very long time. So pursued interest in meditation and studies of masters. Hence the inclination and posts on the spiritual side.

If life did not happen to you this way, please do not worry about spiritual posts, just be a happy, productive and a good person. As the great Dalai lama says”Just be a nice warm person, that’s enough.”

If you are young and pass by this side, ensure you study well, read some books and play a sport. That’s a super life.

Iam not one for advise, am more for learning, observation and insights.

Now must sleep. Good night dear dear friends! Life is a miracle.

Love, Suresh



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