The human element of care

22 Apr

What is this vengayapuli ?

( Which is this lemon)

This is his normal banter. A potpourri of english and strange malyalam ( my native language). Sometimes he mixes other Indian languages with English. He is good at concoctions with  local indian languages Marathi, Gujarati, Sindhi and Tamil with English. He is strangely idiotic and funny. Ofcourse he can be deeply embarrasing. He seems alive and has good energy for a elderly man. I asked him with smile ” How old are you now” . His wife replied ” He was born in 1941..”

This is not about him. He likes and revels in harmless nonsense. It’s about his wife and partner.  He showed good symptom’s of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and was hospitalised in recent past. Given his  energy combined with AD he is impossible to manage. The memory loss. The dysfunctional talk. He cannot go out alone because he would forget his way back home. The medicines. The other tests that come with medical care. The entire thing.

I saw him recently and was stunned at the improvement. He had come visiting and immediately greeted me with a smile and usual nonsense. I knew he has recovered well.  I knew it’s all about element of human care. The super human or may be loving efforts of his partner and wife. The medications in time, the food at time, regular morning walk at 5 am, regular monitoring of diet and doctors visits. I think element of human care with good medical care can go a long way to restore good health. I think nursing and love is supremely important. I think only women have this extraordinary repertoire of care, conscience and love. I think so…

I am amazed at his recovery. May be that is a sign of a good marriage. He is nonsencial and immensely lucky.

I am waiting for him to throw next gibberish in another language  next time…

He seems to like me though, may be because am quiet and laugh at his stupid stuff. As an acknowledgement he wears the watch that had gifted him, my first watch..

He is doing fine. Only because of his wife.

The element of human care is most heart warming not just in sickness but in real life..

May be that’s best form of life. To care..

Have a good day dear friends!

Love, Suresh





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