Bill Campbell

20 Apr

“There’s something deeply human about him.”

― Steve Jobs

I read a heartfelt  tribute by Ben Horowitz :

I had read about Bill Campbell and was aware of the extraordinary coach’s contribution to Silicon Valley. I was not aware of the immensity and humaness of the good coach. It moved me. I was inspired that there is place for good, decent people to make a impact in the industry.

” Campbell has had an impressive collection of day jobs during his 25 years in the tech business: He has run Intuit (INTU) (maker of Quicken and TurboTax), where he’s still chairman, and has been on Apple’s (AAPL, Fortune 500) board since 1997, just to name a couple. He has the trophies too – he’s rich, has a Gulfstream IV; beyond that, he chairs the Columbia board of trustees. But all that doesn’t come close to explaining why so many luminaries – and regular folk, too – talk about the man as if he’s some kind of profane cosmic mash-up of Oprah, Yoda and Joe Paterno.”

Please read a profile of the great coach :

Bill Campbell had the operating experience to advise some of the greatest and best of Silicon Valley –  Steve Jobs, Larry Page, Eric Schmidt, Jeff Bezos, John Doerr and others. Vinod Khosla in a Stanford business school talk had said ” One has to have that frontline experience of facing obstacles and situations to viscerally understand and give advice.” This is what impressed me so much of Bill Campbell. To have that operating experince to advise a Google, Amazon and Apple Founders to build such great companies. The humaness has deeply reinforced my faith in essential goodness of human species in business. I was disappointed with experiences of ultra competitiveness, ruthlessness  and yelling. Bill campbell’s work inspires me. Please check the tributes:

” Bill Campbell, our very close friend, died this morning. A man with a huge heart, who hugged everyone he met with, was more than a mentor. He helped us build Google and in countless ways made our success possible. We started with him as an external coach but he quickly became the internal management expert. He attended our staff meetings, met with management, and spent countless hours with our leadership. He helped build our Board of Directors, and helped build our culture. He worked very very closely with our founders in every possible way.

His contribution to the success of Google and now Alphabet is incalculable. His legacy is the smile that he created on everyone’s face, and the great leaders of the Valley whom he coached. Bill was a truly gifted man, and the world lost a great leader this morning.”

― Eric Schmidt

Please see write ups and tributes to a extra ordinary coach:

Bill Campbell, go-to advisor for Silicon Valley’s brightest, receives loving tributes after his passing

Silicon Valley’s Legendary ‘Coach’ Bill Campbell Has Died

I liked most was what Kara Swisher wrote in a tribute ” Mostly, Campbell was just a really decent man, with little ego and a well of generosity in an industry much in need of it.” I wrote this down in my notebook.

What a guy. What a man. Great work.

I love start ups and founders. Iam inspired by the depth and decency of Bill Campbell’s work and life. He changed the world quietly with conscience and wisdom.

Have a good day dear friends!

Love, Suresh


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