Wrong shopping, right reasons..

16 Apr

My mother told me to get something. I heard cotton bath towels. I went to neighbourhood shopping center. I picked a red, white and brown towel. Two large and one small. It’s been a while since bought something for home. It was a welcome change from my ususal occupations of work and hospitals. She stood there  and stealing glances. Beautiful and was with some one. I bowed my head and wondered did my life energies get trapped ? family and work struggles ? Why did I not live ? Oh there is still hope..

I pay the bill. I walk back home peacefully. My mother unwell and looks at towels and says ” You dont listen properly. There are so many bath towels. I wanted you to get a foldable clothes basket bag..” There she goes…

So two pictures of wrong shopping for right reasons..

011 (5)

One more..

012 (4)

I need to get new clothes and those disposable storage bags. The girl gave me a glimmer of hope and am still in the market. Good, then must not do wrong shopping for right reasons…

This for today. I dedicate this to my two dear friends!

Have a happy weekend dear friends! I am not really one for advise ” Always do your best and accept people as they are.”

Love, Suresh


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