My Career Choice: Zain Verjee, aKoma Media

14 Apr

” I trained on the job and I believe that’s the best way to learn. You can turn to the internet today for tips on how to be a better journalist, a host, a reporter, a producer, a fixer, an engineer, whatever you would like to be—you can learn by doing. Take advantage of all learning available online, for free and combine it with finding a space to do what you love. Make it happen. ”

” I’ve completely redefined myself and my goals, while remaining in a space I am interested in and passionate about: storytelling and Africa. I view growth as key to a career. While in London with CNN, I felt I was no longer evolving either as a professional or as a person and I knew that to learn and achieve more I had to move outside of CNN and traditional media. So I left the company in March 2014 to start aKoma, a digital storytelling platform that aims to bring unique African stories and perspectives to the world. I’m creating with a core team and am very excited about our progress. Digital and social media are the future and I want to be on the front-lines, applying my traditional media knowledge to it, and taking new risks. It’s been very challenging and at the same time exceptionally rewarding. “
― Zain Verjee
I liked Zain Verjee at CNN. I had a done a earlier post on the journalists’s struggles with a medical condition.  Please follow link for a little interview update on the erstwhile CNN anchor. It amazes me so many of the good journalists have taken a plunge in a Digital venture. I think its an exciting space. I like it . As Victor  Hugo said ” Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.” I think the time has come for Digital content..
Please check for the good journalists venture :
I was at a general practitioner’s clinic. We were both sitting in open lobby waiting for our turn. I saw him reading news first in English and then in Hindi on his  phone. I was impressed. He was in his sixties. Was he a trader or government servant or private employee or a hawker, I don’t know..
I think cheaper smart phone changes everything.  The revolutionaries are the copycats. The Digital content is in…
So if you have a child, a daughter or a son, do encourage to look at Journalism as a career, it could be a great experience…
Good night dear friends! Hope you like Zain Verjee’s interview.
Love, Suresh

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