Quote 13 Apr

“Life is like a piece of string with a lots of knots tied in it. The knots are the karma you’re born with from all your past lives, and the object of human life is to try and undo all those knots. That’s what chanting and meditation in God consciousness can do. Otherwise you simply tie another ten knots each time you try to undo one knot. That’s how Karma works. I mean, we’re now the results of our past actions and in the future we’ll be the results of actions we are performing now. A little understanding of ” As you sow, so shall you reap” is important, because you can’t blame the condition you’re in on anyone else. You know that it’s by your own actions you are able to get more in a mess or out of one. It’s your own actions that relieve or bind you. ”

― George Harrison

I read this in Hospital and think about this dear friends! Karma is complicated and do not understand why illness befalls on someone and past life  traits. I do  know by now.  We are the consequences of our actions in the present. The only thing in our control is good thoughts and good deeds. That should take care of future. I wanted to share this thought by the great and wonderful George Harrison for you dear friends!

Have a good day dear friends!

Love, Suresh

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